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Camp Dogs:

Western K9 Security has K9 detection teams that will travel to your remote camps. We offer teams trained in narcotics detection and we also have dogs that are trained to detect alcohol.

Our teams are trained to search all camp areas including dorms, kitchen areas, offices, vehicles, luggage. One K9 detection team is very effective in conducting luggage searches during rotation of camp personnel, saving valuable time compared to manual searches conducted by security staff.

Please see the Camp Dogs Page for additional information.

Canine Security Patrol:

Western K9 Security offers K9 Patrol Teams. Each team consists of a highly trained and Government validated dog in partnership with a licensed K9 certified Security Officer. These teams are recognized by the Solicitor General and the Justice Institute of BC.

Our teams are easily recognized by their professional appearance and their highly trained alert K9's at their side.

All K9 teams are equipped to preform patrol services at high profile venues. Our K9's are socialized, safe, effective working German Shepherds.

With a K9 Training Facility on site, all our K9 teams receive regular training sessions which has enabled us to become the #1 K9 Security Company in Western Canada.

Please see the Patrol Page for additional information.

Explosive Detection:

Western K9 Security offers Government licensed security handlers teamed up with certified explosive trained dogs. Teams can be utilized to check the following locations:
  • vehicles / commercial trucks
  • trains
  • baggage
  • warehouses
  • cruise ships
  • convention centers / banquet halls
  • special events (concerts)
Our teams receive regular weekly training.

Narcotics Detection:

Narcotics trained canines can be very effective for your work environment. Our certified teams can check:
  • lockers
  • baggage
  • vehicles / commercial trucks
  • shipments headed for the border
  • buildings (schools, apartments, offices, etc.)
  • special events (concerts)
The canines are trained to respond on all major drugs.

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  At the ABM Convention  
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  Detection Services at Rogers Arena  
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  K9 Security Officer
Doing A Patrol
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  Ken, one of our Static Guards that rides the vessels.  
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  Jess and Piro. WK9 Team  
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  Piro working at the Ferry Terminal  
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  Cross Border Trucking Company  
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