K9 Patrol

Western K9 Security Patrol is a licensed, insured, reputable security firm that provides professional security officers teamed with a trained, proven K9 partner. 

Why are Dogs More Effective

Patrol dogs are effective for you where human security personnel and CCTV are not. They cover far more ground than either in ensuring your security and safety. Their acute senses of smell and hearing make them all around more effective that a camera or human. In the dark, they can become your only effective sensors. A single K9 team has proven to be more efficient than 2 security officers.

Crime Prevention

These dogs are well trained to ignore people going about their daily business, yet they are very quick to pick up on unusual behaviour and suspicious activity. Criminals and vandals avoid areas where patrol dogs are known to operate. When your business continuity depends upon the integrity of your goods and your premises, you will be glad to have Western K9 Security as a team member.
    • Highly trained, experienced and professional personnel
    • Highly trained dogs specially selected with traits suited to the purpose
    • Validated by the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Where the Patrol Dog is Most Effective

A dog’s sensitive hearing and highly developed sense of smell make it ideal for preventative action in fields such as preventing illicit access. Some areas where they have been used to good effect are:
  • Industrial and Business Parks
  • Ferries, Docks, Airports, and Bonded Warehouses
  • Historical Buildings and Concert Venues
  • Construction Sites and Underground Parkades
  • Educational and Similar Campus Institutions