Aviation Security Division

Western K-9 Security now offers air cargo security expertise to the Canadian Aviation Industry by assisting with the implementation of the Federal Legislative Requirements into daily cargo operations assuring compliance with Transport Canada rules surrounding the acceptance, handling, storage, and transport of secure air cargo.

Assigned to Canada’s National Air Cargo Security Program from its inception as a Pilot Project in 2006 until 2014 our Aviation Security Division is lead by former Transport Canada Air Cargo Security Inspector Kevin Haggerty.

Our Air cargo security specialist brings knowledge and experience in areas such as compliance assessments and air cargo security inspections of aviation industry stakeholders. His additional experience includes assisting air carriers, freight forwarders, third-party service providers for ground transport and warehousing through the air cargo program application process.

Developing and implementing air cargo security plans, while assuring their understanding of the rules surrounding the transport of air cargo destined for transport on passenger aircraft.

Package inspection prior shipping
Package inspection prior shipping
Flare and Teresa conducting package inspection prior to shipping
Flare and Teresa conducting package inspection prior to shipping

Our Vision

To be leading the private sector in K9 Training and Delivery of Explosive Detection Services in support of an effective and efficient air cargo secure supply chain. 

Our Mission

Catering to a Safe & Secure Air Cargo Community through the development and delivery of our K9 Explosive Detection Services compliant with Transport Canada’s regulatory framework. 

To continue working in partnership with both Government and the Air Cargo Sector to strengthen supply chain security by enhancing Air cargo screening through the delivery of our Air Cargo Security training programs.