Company Profile

Western K9 Security Services provides canine detection for narcotics and explosives. We offer over 30 years of canine experience through our owner Werner Hader, and have provided our services to Canadian and American law-enforcement, government agencies, and other well-established security businesses. Our experience involves years of detection for the Alaska cruise ships in the Vancouver ports and also for trans-border trucking companies, banquets, and concerts. Recently, we have been employed by CN Rail to search their locomotives, offices, and housings for illegal drugs. We have strict protocol and absolute dedication to guarantee that our detection teams are as professional and accurate as possible. 

Our canine teams undergo rigorous weekly training sessions and annual certification testing. The canine handlers all have extensive canine experience and have been working in the security industry for many years. We carefully evaluate the canines that we use to ensure they are ideal for this type of work, as they need to have a high drive, patient personality, and willingness to work. We have sold our canines to law enforcement in Montreal, Florida, and New Orleans. 

Our training facility and affiliate company, Obedience Plus Training Centre, is the only private company to be granted an exemption from Health Canada for housing real narcotics and also has a license with Natural Resources Canada to possess explosives for training purposes. While other companies use pseudo scents or scent pads, our canines have experience detecting the exact same substances that they are searching for. 

Strategic Business Goals

Western K9 Security is working to create awareness of the benefits of using canine detection. We have been featured on Breakfast Television and continue to look for more opportunities to promote our field. We strongly believe that we can help to eliminate the threat of terrorism and increase security for Canadian residents and visitors. We are working closely with the Office of the Solicitor General to establish a consistent certification requirement for canine detection in Canada. Western K9 Security is the landmark for quality service and has provided details of our training and certification program to provide the base for the industry. We want to protect the reputation of detection canines and are striving to implement high standards for all Canadian detection companies. Our long-term goals are to continue to be the largest canine detection company in British Columbia, and to utilize the services of our canines in all major travel and transport facilities.